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essay #1 - into the atmosphere would be to develop an...

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Alicia Deal Honors seminar 231 10-16-01 Essay #1 “These numbers have large uncertainties, but the fact that they are large is not at all uncertain.” It is difficult to study and evaluate such a vast and complex subject matter- the environment. Also it is not known whether today’s scientific methods and technology are, in fact, valid and reliable. However, it’s certain that these numbers are large because the alterations to the environment by humans, whether directly or indirectly, is rather evident. An example of this would be the emission of carbon monoxide from a vehicle. There are millions of automobiles worldwide; therefore, the carbon monoxide can greatly damage the environment, especially the ozone. However, there are no conclusive methods of knowing the extent of that damage. One possible way to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide released
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Unformatted text preview: into the atmosphere would be to develop an alternative to the burning of fossil fuels. One alternative could be to convert solar energy into a usable source of power. The authors stated an abundance of evidence for the buildup of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The excess burning of fossil fuels and mining releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Cutting down forests and destroying grasslands also release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A group of scientists including Roger Revelle and Charles Keeling began measuring the atmospheric carbon dioxide in 1957. With their method, it is shown that the carbon dioxide concentration has increased from 315 ppm to 362 ppm. The buildup of carbon dioxide enhances the greenhouse effect and has probably affected the global climate substantially and will continue to in the future....
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