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Tocqueville stated that there are three races within the United States: the white man or European, the Native American, and the black man or the African-American. Due to differences in their origin, education, and outward appearance, these three races had segregated themselves both socially and spatially. The white man has the power and education, unlike both the Native American and the African American; thus according to Tocqueville, the white man has “happiness”. Consequently, fueled by greed, selfishness, and prejudice, the white man has subjected his fellow man to such cruel and inhumane treatment that its consequences are still seen in today’s society. Tocqueville stated that both Native Americans and African Americans are “American without being democratic.” In other words, although these two races may live side by side with the white man, they do not share the same rights and privileges. When the first Europeans arrived they found that America was already inhabited by a people exceedingly distinct from them. Despite this, the Native Americans had willingly helped the white man adapt to an unfamiliar and foreign nation. However, as the Native American tribes became increasingly dependent on manufactured goods and products and the European less dependent on the aid and assistance of the Native American, the white man exerted an escalating amount of power and control upon the Native American under the assumption that the Native American was his inferior. This bias led to, among many things, social segregation, expulsion, and in some cases, annihilation of numerous tribes. As the European population continued to grow and disperse, either the tribe was forced to abandon its territory and move out west, or be almost or entirely annihilated. Even when the tribe began to progressively adopt aspects of the white man’s ways, as with the Cherokees and Creeks, they were still seen as a 1
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threat to the white man. Tocqueville noted that the Federal government did little to help
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Pol Sci report #2.wps - Tocqueville stated that there are...

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