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CJ assignment #4 - statistical analysis of data. He also...

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Lucy McCammon from Moravian University in Pennsylvania, e-mail address lucymc@moravian.edu . Dr. McCammon’s most recent research was done on gender differences in the juvenile justice system. She conducted redistricted interviews with juvenile probation officers to find out what their perceptions were of differences between males and females on their caseloads. Garland White from the Old Dominion University in Virginia, e-mail address gwhite@odu.edu . At present, Dr. White is studying neighborhood communities and crime. He uses census type data for measures of the neighborhood characteristics and police data for measures of crime. He has also recently focused on local and nearby cities in order to visit neighborhoods that have odd characteristics. Most of his work involves
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Unformatted text preview: statistical analysis of data. He also has been making use of mapping techniques as a way of consolidating some block group features. In order to collect his data he uses Arc View software for mapping projects and utilizes SPSS and SAS for statistical analysis. Lynne Snowden from the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, e-mail address snowdenl@uncwil.edu . Dr. Snowdens research interests include violent groups, including terrorists, and violence that occurs during immigration to another country. She also studies background investigations of police officers. She has done field studies and mail surveys and has used participant observation, intensive interviews, in-person and mail questionnaires and the content analysis of written terrorist manuals....
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