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self-report statistics - weapons had the largest...

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Alicia Deal 9-26-00 CJ261 8:00-9:00A.M. The self-reporting surveys tend to be effective in giving information that can be helpful to the police. The degree of honesty exhibited by the people responding to the survey should be taken under consideration. If all of the respondents answered in a truthful manner the information provided in the survey can provide an insight into the involvement of criminal activity by men and women that could prove to very helpful when used for crime prevention. The self-report statistics on page eighty-nine suggests many things. Petty theft, disorderly conduct, and malicious mischief participation was rather high in both men and women. For petty theft, men had a percentage of eighty-nine while women had a percentage of eighty-three. Eighty-five percent of men admitted to engaging in disorderly conduct while seventy-six percent of women admitted to it. Eighty-four percent of men and eighty-one percent of women engaged in malicious conduct. Assault and concealed
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Unformatted text preview: weapons had the largest differences in percentages between genders. For assault there was a forty-four percent difference; for concealed weapons there was a thirty-two percent difference. Robbery, auto theft, other grand theft, and burglary had the least amount of persons engaging in those crimes. Robbery had a percentage of eleven for men and one percent for women 1 engaging in this crime. For auto theft twenty-six percent of men admitted to engaging in it and only eight percent of women said they did. Apparently, crime is more commonplace than what the police records show. Contrary to the popular belief that women are the more docile of the two sexes they engage in crimes more often than thought. Whatever the case maybe, whether the perpetrator is male or female, criminal activity is wrong. Any legal means that can be used to give an insightful look into the statistics of crimes can also be helpful in making crime prevention more effective. 2...
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self-report statistics - weapons had the largest...

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