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CJ abstract - Texas prison system One group had undergone...

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Are substance abuse treatment programs productive in reducing recidivism rates among inmates? It is popularly believed that receiving this type of treatment will be greatly beneficial to the offender and society as a whole. This study was conducted in order to determine whether substance abuse treatments are successful and to continue implementing them in a prison setting, if they show to be beneficial. However, if the data collected were shown to produce no effect or even the opposite effect, it would be logical to discontinue these programs and to seek a more productive means of rehabilitation. Analysis for this study was conducted using a representative sample of inmates from the
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Unformatted text preview: Texas prison system. One group had undergone substance abuse treatment while the other had not. Data was limited to those who had committed drug or alcohol offenses. An integral part of this study was to do an extensive background check on the offender’s personal family history, prior arrest, and mental health evaluation in order to determine whom this program was more successful on deterring, if the program showed any effectiveness at all. A follow-up evaluation on the inmates was done a year after their release in order to determine the effectiveness of the treatment and the impact it had recidivism....
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