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Final Exam Study Guide - Anthropology 101 Final Exam Study...

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Anthropology 101 Final Exam Study Guide expressive culture: provides a context in which cultural values and social institutions are reflected upon, reinforced, or challenged may disturb the gods or awaken demons in U.S.: anxiety occasioned by play & expression is dealt by dismissing these activities as unimportant/operating on periphery if marginal: allows it to deal with socially dangerous themes [underground→mainstream] transhumance, nomads transhumance: form of seasonal migration practiced by pastoralists tribe or chiefdom organization some cultivation [wheat, millet, corn] extended family groups: families usually hold rights to animals & migration routes nomadic lifestyle: environmental variables important to movement [animals needs] trade: goods, services, animals, slaves Numaym: descent group/extended family of Nimpkian house groups: associated with a place determines access to marriage partners, resources ritual, religion, magic, cosmology ritual: repetitive, sequential & powerful behavior [“nonoridinary”] secular & sacred types [some overlap] religion: cultural universal/used as social control set of beliefs & practices to order the relationship of humans to the supernatural magic: use of symbols to manipulate or control magic→religion→science [no clear definition: concepts overlap] cosmology: symbolic description of the universe
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Yin (darkness)/Yang (light): Chinese creation [Death of Chaos] Pan Gu: song of Yin & Yang that formed the world Nu Gua: came to live on earth from heaven & formed the human race from mud religious practitioners and types of society (monotheistic, Olympian, communal, shamanic, etc.) art, human expression, function, examples art: generally refers to the manifestations of human creativity [self-expression]
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