Chapter 1 Notes - tree would eventually become...

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Chapter 1: The Chemistry of Nature 1.1: Why Care About Chemistry? matter: anything that has mass and occupies space 1.2: Molecular Medicine paclitaxel: treats ovarian cancer breast cancer, some lung cancers & others [best anticancer drug] collected bark from Taxus brevifolia in 1962 active ingredient: taxol=taxus (botanic name of the yew) + ol (alcohol) C 47 H 51 NO 14 Horwitz discovered: paclitaxel forms & prevents breakdown of microtubules (help cell structure) form when tubulin move into long fibers [cylinderical] microtubules must shrink in order for the cell to divide, which paclitaxel prevents cancer cells eventually die because they cannot divide makes T-shape paclitaxel: 2 major problems of distribution insoluble in water, so hard for patients to take//solution: soluble in castor oil
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Unformatted text preview: tree would eventually become extinct//solution: chemical synthesis 13a 1.3 How Science Is Done hypothesis: an idea proposed as an explanation to provide basis for a experiment qualitative data: no numeric data//further research need to find out the significance quantitative data: numeric data scientific law: a statement that has not yet been contradicted by experiments & explains a wide range of results law: used to predict unknown results//can be disproved theory: a unifying principle that explains a body of facts & the laws based on them model: concrete version of a theory molecular models: constructed by using spheres to represent atoms & sticks to represent the bonds between them computer models 1.4 Identifying Matter: Physical Properties...
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Chapter 1 Notes - tree would eventually become...

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