Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2 Atoms& Elements 2.1 Atomic...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2: Atoms & Elements 2.1 Atomic Structure & Subatomic Particles • atomic structure: the identity & arrangement of subatomic particles in an atom • electrical charges: positive & negative the same type repel one another & opposites attract one another • Radioactivity Becquerel: atoms of uranium spontaneously emitted rays that darkened a photographic plate that was covered by protective paper Marie & Pierre Curie: polonium & radium atoms of such elements spontaneously emit rays→ radioactivity Three Types of Radiation: alpha (α): positive//attracted toward negative, electronically charged plate o heavier α particles are deflected less than lighter β particles o have mass/are matter beta (β): negative//attracted toward positive, electronically charged plate o have mass/are matter gamma (γ): no charge//passes undeflected between the charged plates • Cathode-Ray Tubes (Sir Joseph Thomson) cathode: negative/anode: positive a beam of rays flows from the metal atoms of cathode to the anode cathode rays: travel toward positive plates & strike a fluorescent energy transferred causes light to be given off as tiny flashes cathode ray: electrons→ carriers of electricity if you balance the electric & magnetic fields, you find: 5.50 X 10-9 grams per coulomb (g/C) = mass to charge ratio for e- • Millikan’s oil drop experiment...
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Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2 Atoms& Elements 2.1 Atomic...

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