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Roshni Sheth Dr. David Basilico Lost!-LCH 106 4 December 2009 Links between Economic Ideologies and Class Conflict As this semester began, my goals were in the process of changing. I was in a completely new environment and had to adapt my goals to keep up with my new environment. Since there are so many opportunities on a college campus, it was hard to know where to begin. For my first semester, I made it my goal to try to start out with a high GPA and make A’s in each of my classes. Since one of my long-term goals is to go to medical school, I realized that my GPA will be important when I start applying in a few years. Since I will have to make a good score on the MCAT in order to get into a good medical school, I wanted to make sure that I actually learn in my General Chemistry I class, so that I will retain the information and provide myself with a strong base for the science classes to come in the future. While I wanted to focus on my academics this semester, I also wanted to make sure that I got involved on campus and just put myself out there to meet new people, especially since I am not very outgoing. I aimed to join a few organizations on campus and remain active in them. My desire is to feel like a part of this school and community. Finally, I wanted to start planning ahead and think about my summer plans and when in the next few years that I would like to study abroad. I felt that the earlier I started research all of my options, the more flexibility I would have when I actually have to make a serious decision regarding these matters. One of the main reasons I am so concerned with planning and researching my options early is because I plan on getting into a good medical school and becoming a doctor in the future.
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Sheth 2 Declaring yourself pre-med requires that you put a lot of time, energy, and effort into your education. You must motivate yourself to become a competitive candidate for the application process. While I plan on going to medical school and was previously majoring in Biology, I decided to change my major to International Studies. I made this choice because I decided that I wanted to have a greater understanding of the world around me. When I am older and even now, I want to be able to turn on the news and fully comprehend the stories that are being reported. I feel that so many people watch the news and form an opinion without truly understanding the issues or knowing the opposing viewpoints. When I form my own political opinions, I want to
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semester long project paper - Roshni Sheth Dr. David...

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