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110410 - neorealist film non-professional actors street...

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functions of a title make you different from something else (recognizable) tells you what the movie is about gets your attention: poetic function Ladri di biciclette : “Bicycle Thieves” is the translation from Italian U.S. title: Bicycle Thief Italian film industry did not recover after WWI had to do adaptations of classic literary works did historical reconstitution to help the country unite, even if not historically accurate Mussolini built Cinecittà: like Hollywood Italy thought that with the German hegemony of Europe, Italy could take over Europe’s film industry movie directors hostile toward Mussolini did not leave Italy: did not work or wrote about movies documentary style: non-professional actors (like Russian avant-garde) De Santis: called one of the creators of Italian cinema after WWII wrote about movies wanted realist, popular & national for Italian cinema after the war Visconti: directed Ossessione in 1942
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Unformatted text preview: neorealist film non-professional actors, street shots, popular festivals, deli dramas fait divers you cross the street & your dog is run over something that is not major but still reported: not really news • De Sica: actor & director Zavattini: screenwriter to all De Sica films worked on the script for Rome, Open City by Rossellini shot the Italian films to the forefront of global film industry Ladri di bicilette (1948) fait divers story of human solitude hero confronted with social reality of Italy after the war • Bertold Brecht: his theatre wants you to be transformed does not show a revolutionary changing the world, but a revolutionary just before he becomes a revolutionary that’s what you have in Ladri di bicilette • Fellini: 1960s • Sophia Loren • Marcello Mastroianni • Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino remake of Profumo di donna (Dino Risi)...
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