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111810 - first sound film Alam Ara directed by A.M Irani...

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Indian Cinema Aparajito (1956): Satyajit Ray part of triology: Pather Panchali (The Apu Trilogy) story of growing up: coming-of-age apprenticeship novel: “bildungsroman” goes to university & becomes distant from family/village great sequence with a train film admired for direction, photography & sound humanity, Lewisism, sense of truth bombed at the Cannes Filmed Festival Andre Bazin loved the film & turned the opinion around punctuation of Apu’s destiny, warmth, simplicity music: Ravi Shankar photography: Subatra Mitra film introduced in 1896 few films made by the English in early 20 th Century D.G. Phalke: created Nasik studio father of Indian cinema
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Unformatted text preview: first sound film: Alam Ara directed by A.M. Irani • sound films caught on very quickly because of song & dance • large amount of population was illiterate • Bombay: Hindi (Bollywood) very influenced by Hollywood • Calcutta: Bengali • Madras: Tamil, Telegu • Puran Baghat by Bose first time song and dance had to do with the narrative • 1947: partition huge transfer of population • today, Hollywood is salivating because of the potential (population) • three main Indian directors in 1960s Satyajit Ray Raj Kapoor Bimal Roy * A Place in the Sun , Thelma & Louise *Leslie Fiedler: Love and Death in the American Novel...
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  • Cinema of India, Satyajit Ray, coming-of-age apprenticeship novel, Satyajit Ray Raj, Festival Andre Bazin, Ravi Shankar photography

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