120210 - The Godfather . Swedish film industry 1930-1940:...

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Final Exam films we viewed: directors, few actors, year, country any other directors mentioned in class kammerspiel, political realism, neorealism redemption, evolution of trust, subjectivity of truth? Rashoman how can a class that has lived according to certain code and manners for centuries suddenly change? The Grand Illusion broke theatrical scene into cinematic Griffith explain and comment: why did Hollywood resist the sound motion picture use of language(s) in Renoir’s The Grand Illusion comment and illustrate: the years after 1945 were a great period in film history, one in which wave after wave of foreign directors and writers knew what to say it and how to say it agree or disagree analyze a clip of a film numbers of movies each year “If you want to understand America, you have to watch
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Unformatted text preview: The Godfather . Swedish film industry 1930-1940: mediocre production b/c of facility to get foreign films 1936: Molender-Intermezzo features Ingrid Bergman location production stimulated by WWI & WWII 1940: small revival fluidity of movies from foreign countries stopped arriving in Sweden 1950: only 7 million inhabitants 2500 theatres, 10 tickets/inhabitant Fautsman Sjoberg (adapted a lot of plays) Miss Julie Berman does believe in god but has very metaphysical themes Wild Strawberries The Seventh Seal (1957) Max von Sydow, Nils Poppe return of a knight from the crusades Bermans father was a preacher: he used to watch the medieval paintings wanted to portray in the manner of those frescos modern fear of nuclear catastrophe Faust-ian aspect to the film Woody Allen makes fun of Berman...
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120210 - The Godfather . Swedish film industry 1930-1940:...

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