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Roshni Sheth Dr. Serge Bokobza FLL 303: History of World Movies I September 23, 2010 Battleship Potemkin Critical Film Review Battleship Potemkin is a Russian silent film that was released in 1925 and directed by Sergei Eisenstein ( Battleship Potemkin (1925) ). The film does not have any “hero” or central protagonist, but Grigory Vakulinchuk, the leader of the mutiny aboard the Battleship Potemkin could be considered the “main character.” Vakulinchuk was played by Aleksandr Antonov ( Battleship Potemkin (1925) ). At the time of its release the film was critically acclaimed worldwide, and it is still considered as one of the greatest films of all time. The film begins on the battleship and displays the officers showing brutality towards the sailors. The sailors complain of having to eat rotten meat with maggots in it and refuse to eat it, but the ship’s doctor insists that the food is okay to eat. The captain wants to violently punish those who did not eat the meat, but the officers and other soldiers do not have the heart to shoot the mutinous sailors. This allows the sailors to overtake the officers and throw them overboard, but the leader of the mutiny is killed during the mutiny. The battleship docks, and the townspeople mourn over the leader of the mutiny. The townspeople see the sailors off, and the tsar’s army walks down steps shooting at the townspeople because they were in support of the mutinous sailors. Another ship is sent to stop the Potemkin , but instead does not shoot or prevent the Potemkin from going on. The film is a dramatized version of the actual events of the 1905 mutiny on the Russian battleship Potemkin . The sailors that were sent out to stop the Potemkin refused to shoot at it, just
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Sheth 2 as depicted in the film; however, in real life, the entire Black Sea fleet was sent to suppress the Potemkin . In fact, the Potemkin was allowed to sail freely for 11 days before it had to surrender. The mutiny on the
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Battleship Potemkin - Roshni Sheth Dr Serge Bokobza FLL 303...

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