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Roshni Sheth Dr. Serge Bokobza FLL 303: History of World Movies I October 7, 2010 The 39 Steps Critical Film Review The 39 Steps is a British sound film that was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film was released in the year 1935 and starred English actors Robert Donat as Richard Hannay and Madeleine Carroll as Pamela (one of Hitchcock’s first blonde heroines) ( The 39 Steps (1935)). The 39 Steps was of the first three of Hitchcock’s films to “make a major impact in America,” along with The Man Who Know Too Much (1934) and The Lady Vanishes (1938) (Mast and Kawan 297). It is often considered Hitchcock’s “first masterpiece” (Dirks). Although the film has been remade a few times, Hitchcock’s original version remains that most popular. The film is ranked 4 th on BFI Top 100 British films, a list which was determined by a poll which asked for films that were “culturally British.” The film is a “prototype Hitchcock film of his British period” (Mast and Kawan 297). The film begins in a music hall. As the act, Mr. Memory, answers questions, the crowd gets confused and gunshots are fired. The crowd flees in frenzy, and the mysterious Annabella Smith asks Richard Hannay to accompany him home. There, she reveals to him that she fired the gunshots because she is a spy, and two men in the music hall were after her. She tells Hannay that a secret that is precious to Great Britain is soon going to be taken out of the country and mentions that the Thirty-Nine Steps are involved. In the middle of the night, Smith is stabbed in the back, and Hannay escapes the building in a milkman’s uniform. Hannay takes a train to Scotland, which Smith had mentioned as her next destination. The police are on the train looking
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Sheth 2 for Hannay for charges of murder. He attempts to escape arrest by kissing a random woman and begging her to keep his identity secret from the police. She ends up identifying him, but he is able to escape. He walks toward his destination and stops at the house of an extremely religious
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  • Alfred Hitchcock, The Thirty-Nine Steps, Hannay, Richard Hannay, Robert Powell, John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir

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The 39 Steps - Roshni Sheth Dr Serge Bokobza FLL 303...

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