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The General - Roshni Sheth Dr Serge Bokobza FLL 303 History...

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Roshni Sheth Dr. Serge Bokobza FLL 303: History of World Movies I September 9, 2010 The General Critical Film Review The General is an American silent comedy that was first released in 1927. Buster Keaton, along with co-directing the film with Clyde Bruckman, helped write the screenplay, co-produced the film, and starred in the film ( The General (1926) ). The General is undoubtedly the film for which Keaton is most well-known. Although the film is currently considered one of the greatest films ever made, The General was a box office flop. When the film was released, it only received negative reviews from the critics, which disheartened Keaton, as he considered it the best of all of his films he had ever made. Eventually, the critics would agree with Keaton, and the film is now placed on several lists of films considered the best of the best. The General is ranked #18 on both the American Film Institute’s 100 Years…100 Laughs and 100 Years…100 Movies and is now regarded as a classic of the silent film era ( The General (1927 film) ). Set during the Civil War, the film follows Johnny Gray (portrayed by Buster Keaton), a Confederate train engineer who has two loves of his life: his fiancée Annabelle Lee (portrayed by Marion Mack) and his train, The General. Because of the ensuing war, all men are encouraged to join the army, so Johnny goes with Annabelle Lee’s father and brother to enlist. Because of Johnny’s profession, an officer decides he would be more valuable to the Confederacy as an engineer. Unfortunately, Johnny is unaware of the reason that the officer dismisses him. When Annabelle Lee discovers that Johnny has not enlisted, she believes him to be a coward, and she vows not to speak to him unless he is in uniform. After one year, Annabelle
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Sheth 2 Lee must ride Johnny’s train The General to visit her father, and while the train is stopped for a break, Union spies seize The General, with Annabelle Lee inside of it. Johnny must pursue the
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