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Roshni Sheth Dr. Serge Bokobza FLL 303: History of World Films I October 28, 2010 Zéro de conduite Critical Film Review Zéro de conduite: Jeunes diables au collège is a French sound film that was directed and written by Jean Vigo. The black-and-white film was limitedly released in France in April 1933. It was banned by the French government in 1933 because it made a mockery of authority (Mast and Kawan 251). There was a fear that the film would influence civil unrest to occur (filmsdefrance). In 1946, after World War II, it was shown in France, “when all forms of repression became understandably unpopular” (Mast and Kawan 251) It was not released in the United States and other countries until after 1947 (IMDb). Jean Vigo only directed four films during his career. His life was cut short at the age of 29, and his final film L’Atalante opened in 1934 on the day of his death. His works have been called so “daring and original” that they have been compared to the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud, a 19 th Century French poet who wrote all of his best works in his teens (Mast and Kawan 251). In fact, Vigo has been called “the cinema’s Rimbaud” (Mast and Kawan 251). Zéro de conduite is typical of Vigo’s films. In the film, the young schoolboys “struggle to create temporary pockets of freedom in the midst of the society that confines them” (Mast and Kawan 251). In the case of the film, the society is the boarding school they are attending. The film begins with two boys on a train returning from vacation. They are playing, joking, and doing magic, using their imagination to make the ride more enjoyable. When they
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Sheth 2 arrive to the train station, a new teacher Mr. Huguet, is introduced. Later, all of the boys are walking with the teachers, and a few of them are separated from the group, but the professors do not even notice. Three boys are always in trouble, and receive a “zero for conduct” for going
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Zero de Conduite - Roshni Sheth Dr Serge Bokobza FLL 303...

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