Genetics Take Home Assignment

Genetics Take Home Assignment - Name: _Roshni Sheth_ Date:...

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Name: _Roshni Sheth _______________ Date: _11/2/2010 _______ 1. What attributes make miRNA a potent agent for silencing gene expression? MicroRNAs are double-stranded, and double-stranded RNAs are necessary to trigger RNA interference. This is because double-stranded RNA is needed for the dicer enzyme to act upon to create miRNA in the first place. Also, when miRNA is being made, slicer does play a role as it does in the production of siRNA, making it have fewer resources necessary to produce. MicroRNAs are abundant in eukaryotes and accessible. For example, humans have about 200 genes or more that encode for miRNAs. 2. What are some reasons that it is advantageous to regulate gene expression at many levels, rather than simply regulating at one level (such as at the start of transcription)? This advantage can be explained by a few reasons. First, the amount of protein that is synthesized depends on the amount of mRNA available to be translated, which depends on the rate of mRNA synthesis and degradation. If a certain type of mRNA degrades very quickly, this means that it is not stable and cannot be translated. Also, in many cases, proteins are modified after translation. These modifications affect the transport, function, and activity of the proteins and can even affect gene expression in ways that might not have been possible at the start of transcription. 3. You are studying two different mutant fish lines (A and B). You suspect that both have mutations that cause nondisjunction for a particular chromosome, which when aneuploid results in an egg phenotype. You notice that all of the eggs from the A mutants have the phenotype. In contrast, of the eggs laid by B mutants, about half have the phenotype. If you are right and the mutants are suffering nondisjunction during meiosis, what could explain the frequency difference in egg phenotypes? The frequency difference can be explained by the fact that nondisjunction is occurring
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Genetics Take Home Assignment - Name: _Roshni Sheth_ Date:...

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