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BY 123 3 rd EXAM REVIEW TOPIC #15 HUMAN GENETIC TRAITS Χ Χ know 2 examples of nondisjunction in the somatic cells (names, characteristics, where the extra chromosome is) TOPIC #16 DNA ISOLATION Χ can identify if DNA has been isolated in a tube sample TOPIC #17 DNA Χ they are to read thru all of this topic Χ they should know questions from the DNA handout which went to the computer simulation Χ HEMOGLOBIN ELECTROPHORESIS Χ they should know the results of a gel containing regular, sickle-trait, & sickle cell hemoglobin Χ they should know that some amino acids are acidic, basic, etc. ..and that the buffer must be adjusted to allow for movement CUSIC TOPIC #1 HARDY-WEINBERG Χ
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Unformatted text preview: Χ they should know the 5 conditions which must be met for H-W equilibrium Χ they should know all terminology from this chapter CUSIC TOPIC #2 DOMAINS ARCHEA & BACTERIA Χ they should know all written info given Χ they should know taxonomic hierarchy Χ know about gram stain Χ know about antibiotic susceptibility (Zones of Inhibition) Χ know difference betwixt antiseptics & disinfectants Χ know basic bacterial shapes Χ know cyanobacteria & info thereof CUSIC TOPIC #3 DOMAIN EUKARYA-THE PROTISTS Χ know all written info from topic Χ know all slides & specimens Χ be able to apply the 2 aforementioned items to answer questions Χ know all life cycles well enough to explain one if given a picture of it or be able to apply them to slides of the organism...
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