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“Among the Righteous”...

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Roshni Sheth Dr. Zayzafoon FLL-120-2D “Among the Righteous” Response For my review of a Sub-Saharan film, I choose the documentary “Among the Righteous,” which actually deals with issues in North Africa instead of the Sub-Saharan. In this documentary, writer Robert Satloff explores the possibilities that Arabs and Muslims in North Africa saved Jews from persecution during World War II. These Arabs and Muslims would be considered “righteous” but are not readily recognized in the history of the Holocaust. Satloff proves this hypothesis by exploring the family stories of Arabs and Jews from Morocco to Israel. The part of the documentary that I found most interesting was the differences between the actions of North African leaders and their people. While, as Satloff is trying to prove, there were Arabs and Muslims that took Jews in as refugees or tried to save Jews from persecution or arrest,
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Unformatted text preview: many of the Jews in the documentary described the Arab and Muslim population as supporters of the persecution of Jews. For centuries, there has been animosity between the Arabs and Muslims and the Jews. On the other hand, the North African leaders tended to try to prevent European powers from coming into their nation and taking control of their peoples lives. Two kings that were mentioned in the documentary refused to have their Jewish population wear the yellow Star of David because they loved all of their people equally. This goes back to a quote by a Jewish survivor in the documentary, who said that the Jews and the Arabs and Muslims used to live like brothers. I took this as they used to live harmoniously until many people became filled with hate, animosity, and ignorance, which they continue to pass down to their children....
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“Among the Righteous”...

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