“Eating the Other Desire and Resistance” QA

“Eating the Other Desire and Resistance” QA

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Roshni Sheth FLL-2D February 2, 2010 Bell Hooks’s “Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance” Q/A Q: Are the “young men” that Bell Hooks discusses actually non-racists compared to the traditional racist white men? A: Bell Hooks explains that these young men see the women of different ethnicities, the Other, as sexual conquests. In their own opinions, this makes them non-racists because the traditional racist white male would not even have looked in the direction of the Other. Because they give these women the opportunity to be intimate with them and give themselves the opportunity to transcend white supremacy, they believe they are surpassing any racial boundaries. On the contrary, because they still recognize the racial differences and take them into account when choosing sexual partners, they should still be considered racist. The fact is that racism is
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Unformatted text preview: something inescapable because the simple act of recognizing that someones race is different from your own is a part of racism. Later in the chapter, Hooks quotes the white American journalist Charles: race is a device no more, no lessit is nothing at all. He goes on to elucidate that it is pointless to pretend racism does not exist because the acknowledgment of a different race recreates a similar barrier to the one that is perceived to be broken when open-mindedness to different races exists. While it is important to recognize that one race cannot be better than any other race, this is not the way that racism will become diminished because that is not possible....
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“Eating the Other Desire and Resistance” QA

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