“From Western Gaze to Global Gaze” QA

“From Western Gaze to Global Gaze” QA...

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Roshni Sheth FLL 120-2D February 16, 2010 Koichi Iwabuchi’s “From Western Gaze to Global Gaze” Q/A Q: Why do Japanese animators and cartoonists sketch characters in a Western likeness? A: After reading the article, the obvious answer to this question would be because Japanese markets want to promote products that are culturally “odorless,” removing any trace of Japanese origin. By making products culturally “odorless,” the marketers make the products more appealing to foreign markets because it is much easier to relate the product to any specific market which they may wish to do business with. If the products are “odorless” of Japanese culture, then marketers can personalize the products to a specific group, and the group will not show any resistance towards the product compared to the resistance that some might show if they
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Unformatted text preview: knew that the product is foreign-made. Iwabuchi presents another answer later in the article by quoting an actual Japanese animator who said that animators and cartoonists do not consciously make the characters look like Westerners, but rather, they draw characters who they feel are attractive. This correlates to the idea of the features of the Other being desirable and more attractive than the features of your own group. In a sense, these animators and cartoonists are “eating” the image of the Other without even knowing what has come over them. This can be related to the fact that many people with light skin wish to be tanner, but people with darker skin wish to be fairer. The things that a group does not have are the same things that are most attractive to them....
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“From Western Gaze to Global Gaze” QA...

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