“The Production and Reception of Culture” QA

“The Production and Reception of Culture” QA

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Roshni Sheth FLL 120-2D Philip Smith’s “The Production and Reception of Culture” Q/A Q: How does the hypodermic model theory about mass communication relate to Karl Marx’s theory about culture and apply currently? A: In this chapter, Smith discusses the hypodermic model to explain mass communication, which suggests that there is an influential group that “injects” ideas into the minds of the common person. The paragraph goes on to say that this model is effective in describing in influence of the elites because the masses are not as intelligent and more receptive to such messages. Smith gives the example of the propaganda that Hitler used to rally support for the Nazis in Germany. Hitler took advantage of all available means to catch the attention of any potential followers, most of whom probably were not expecting to be bombarded with political propaganda. Similarly, Marx theorized that culture is created by the bourgeoisie class, and the masses are fooled by the belief
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Unformatted text preview: that they also play the role in its development. He implies that the people of the proletariat class are trapped living their lives in a way set by the upper class, even if they tell themselves that they enjoy their lives. They are truly ignorant to what they are being subjected to, be it propaganda or a way of life. These theories are relevant in our country today, especially in mass media, as Smith briefly mentions. Several people get their news from one-sided biased news sources and do not take the time to research the issue behind the opinions. News programs use such strong language and emotional forces that people immediately find truth in their words and are hooked, or “injected,” as the theory would state. As the hypodermic model and Marx point out, the people who are influenced by these media sources are often oblivious to what other options and opinions are available to them....
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“The Production and Reception of Culture” QA

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