African Curator Guest Speaker

African Curator Guest Speaker - • white supposed to get...

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NIGERIA: one of the most prolific art-producing countries multiple ethnic groups/religions history of trade within the continent urban capital cities compared to traditional countryside Picasso connection to Africa art 1884: European countries split up Africa African art was collected as souvenirs everyone has the impression of African art as abstract 1000 AD: statues as a symbol of kingship have always been 16 Yoruba kings beads: currency in Africa mannequin roughly carved: covered with clothing top of head: connection to god headdress of kings: beads, birds (symbolize elderly women) king has a beaded crown shaped like a barrister’s wig: taken from Britain
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Unformatted text preview: • white: supposed to get your attention reference to the spirit world woman covers head with head wrap to show spirituality • Yoruba: highest rate of twins in the world twins: very scared ( ibeji ) 45/1000 births statues represent twins that have passed away: to be remembered care for the spirit of the deceased baby • irreversible change marked by scarification • swelling eyes: person filled with the spirit of god riding a horse: status symbol masks: belong to men women can get close if past their child-bearing years masquerade for the ancestors • constantly trying to understand actions of white people...
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  • prolific art-producing countries, multiple ethnic groups/religions, urban capital cities, Africa African art

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African Curator Guest Speaker - • white supposed to get...

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