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cultural event 1 - Femme Fatale , it was easy to look at...

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Roshni Sheth FLL 120-2D On January 12, 2010, I attended a lecture entitled “Portrait of the Colonized as a Femme Fatale : The Muhammadan Salomé in Georges Merle’s L’Envoûteuse (1883),” and it was held at and organized by the Birmingham Museum of Art. The lecture lasted about an hour, and I stayed through its entirety. This lecture was featured under the museum’s Artbreaks segments, where speakers share ideas and perspectives about art. Before the lecture, I did not know what to expect, besides a lecture analyzing a piece of art because I did not have any previous knowledge of the piece or the topic. While I did not have a clear understanding of what to expect at the lecture, I did not think that the lecture would be as researched and detailed as it was. My impression was that the lecturer had a clear understanding of the piece, as well as the history behind the piece. My initial reaction to the painting was based on the lecture’s title. As the title included the words “
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Unformatted text preview: Femme Fatale , it was easy to look at the painting and see the womans seductive characteristics, especially the passion in her eyes and her facial expression. Later in the lecture, I learned that these features were a common indication that the woman was Jewish and that the painting was made to counteract her seduction. The painting was used as a form of anti-Semitism in the 19 th Century. The French artist gives a notion that the French and other European races are far superior to the Semites, and the painting could have been used as a form of propaganda directing Europeans, specifically the French, against the Semites in North Africa. The painting in full of triggers that would have evoked negative emotions, such as the reference to John the Baptists death and the terror in the womans facial expressions, jewelry, wands, and voodoo doll....
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cultural event 1 - Femme Fatale , it was easy to look at...

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