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cultural event 4 - in Tunisia is also interesting Before...

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Roshni Sheth Dr. Zayzafoon FLL 120-2D Cultural Event Review On April 20, 2010, I attended a lecture by Dr. Lamia Zayazafoon entitled “The Holocaust Outside of Europe: Tunisian Jews under Vichy Rule.” This lecture was held at the Blazer Hall Resident Life Center (RLC) and lasted an hour and 35 minutes, of which I heard about the last 35 minutes. During this lecture, I expected to learn information about the implementation of the laws of French Vichy rule in Tunisia and North Africa in general, and the lecture met my expectations. Before attending this lecture, I was not very familiar with the effects of World War II on North Africa. I did not know that North African nations were such strongholds for the Allied and Axis powers. When people view the Holocaust, they tend to few it only from a very Europeanized, Eurocentric perspective. The approach that the French used in regards to the Jews
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Unformatted text preview: in Tunisia is also interesting. Before 1881, France stated that they wanted to “save” the Jews from the Arabs in Tunisia, even though the upper class people in Tunisia were not the Arabs, but actually the Turkish peoples. Then after World War I, France wanted more French native in Tunisia than actual Tunisians, so they began to give French citizenship to Tunisian Jews and Italians. Many people felt that this would create a hierarchy in Tunisian society because it would make those who received citizenship equal to the French, creating hostility. After the 1920s, France wanted to “save” the Arabs from the Jews, which resulted in the isolation of Tunisian Jews from Tunisian society. The Tunisian Jews were facing denativization in their own country....
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cultural event 4 - in Tunisia is also interesting Before...

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