culture - Roshni Sheth FLL 120-2D “Culture” According...

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Unformatted text preview: Roshni Sheth FLL 120-2D “Culture” According to the Oxford English Dictionary , the basic premise of the word “culture” is that it is something that is developed or learned by the people in a particular group, population, or civilization. The word originates from cultivation and was often used in a religious sense, and the word evolved into its aforementioned meaning because people “cultivate” their culture by carrying out their lives in a particular way. While “culture” as a whole includes a group’s entire way of life, writers have used the word to correlate with specific parts of this way of life. The earliest use of the word in the context of a group of people dates to 1867 when English historian E.A. Freeman described the culture of Normandy as something “alien” to its conquerors. By this usage, “culture” refers to a way of life, including customs, traditions, and social interactions. The term was next used by English anthropologist E.B. Taylor in 1871, who social interactions....
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culture - Roshni Sheth FLL 120-2D “Culture” According...

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