Response to “The Biafran Crisis and the Midwest”

Response to “The Biafran Crisis and the Midwest”

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Roshni Sheth FLL 120-2D Response to “The Biafran Crisis and the Midwest” In this article, the author S.E. Orobator discusses the Biafran invasion of the Midwestern region of Nigeria during the late 1960s. The Biafra wanted the “total liberation of Nigeria,” and the Biafran leader Col. Ojukwu even propagated false ideas to justify the Bifran invasion of the Midwestern region. The idea was spread that the Biafra invaded the Midwestern region because Northern (Nigerian) troops were occupying the region already. If this had been true, the Northern troops could have used their occupation of the region to start a war with the Biafra. By spreading fear of a possible battle with the Northern troops, Ojukwu encouraged the Biafra to support his decision to invade the region. In reality, Ojukwu was popular in the Midwest, and he was afraid that the Midwest would come under the control of the army and become less neutral as far as
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Unformatted text preview: their favoring of the Northern or Biafran troops is concerned. Ojukwu was able to use the hegemonic powers of the Biafran state to influence his followers. He fails to mention that the Northern troops were scarce in the region and that they initially showed no hostility toward the Biafran invasion because the amount of troops they had in the region was small and weak because they were not expecting such an invasion from the Biafra. As a result of the invasion, the people of the Midwestern region lost some trust in the Biafra, and the government strengthened their troops and police force in the region, but Biafra was still able to control the region administratively. Ojukwu would further make use of his hegemonic powers in 1967 by seceding from the Nigerian state and forming a Biafran state, which would later be a leading cause of the Nigerian Civil War....
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Response to “The Biafran Crisis and the Midwest”

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