syllabus2 - WEEK 1 TH 7 WEEK 2 TH 12 TH 14 JANUARY...

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WEEK 1 JANUARY TH 7 Distribute Syllabus Course Introduction – What is culture? WEEK 2 TH 12 “Portrait of the Colonized as Femme Fatale: The Muhammadan Salomé in Georges Merle’s L'Envoûteuse (1883),” by Lamia Ben Youssef Zayzafoon. Time: Noon Place: The Birmingham Museum of Art (The French Gallery) TH 14 Homework 1: Summary of the origin, evolution, and meaning of the word “culture” based on the Oxford English Dictionary – you must do this assignment in the library. Lecture/Discussion: “Culture in Classical Social Theory” (Selected Excerpts) WEEK 3 T 19 Lecture/Discussion: “Culture as Ideology in Western Marxism” and “Cultural Anthropology: Durkheim, Lévy-Bruhl, and Claude Lévi- Strauss” (Selected Excerpts) TH 21 Readings : Philip Smith’s “The Production and Reception of Culture” Assignment due : Q/A WEEK 4 T 26 Readings: Mike Featherson’s “Localism, Globalism and Cultural Identity Assignment due : Q/A TH 28 MANDATORY ATTENDANCE OF MOHJA KAHF’S LECTURE AT THE LIBRARY BECAUSE IT IS DURING CLASS TIME. The other 2 lectures can be used for your cultural reports or for extra
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syllabus2 - WEEK 1 TH 7 WEEK 2 TH 12 TH 14 JANUARY...

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