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April 7, 2010 Lecture - Warsaw Pact dissolved revolutions...

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Gorbachev calls for the elimination of nuclear weapons by 2000 Gorbachev wanted to put money from military budget into perestroika, glasnost, etc. Dec. 1988: declares Soviet support for the UN major problems global rather than regional improving relations with the United States Reagan administration: diplomacy agreements on nuclear disarmament STAR II: Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty signed by Bush 1 failure of Communism in Eastern Europe failure of comecon: Soviet control over economies of Eastern Europe
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Unformatted text preview: Warsaw Pact dissolved revolutions swept through Eastern Europe in 1989 • promise to withdraw from Afghanistan & Cuba in 1988-1989 aid diplomatic relations with the United States also the Vatican, Israel, South Africa Oct. 1990: unification of East and West Germany 1991: USSR supported action against Saddam Hussein in Iraq reluctantly persuaded by Bush 1 & UN goes from an isolated power to a normal member of the world community...
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