April 26, 2010 Lecture - Dec. 7: Yeltsin mentioned a trip...

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fall 1991: few weeks after the coup conservatives of communist party had humiliated themselves breakup, confederation, or federation? Baltic republics already out of Soviet Union future of Soviet Union hinged on two things: Boris Yeltin’s position did not want the Soviet Union to collapse understand that it could not survive without Ukraine Ukraine: declared independence on Aug. 24 Dec. 1: a referendum would take place where population would vote on independence or non-independence Leonid Kravchuk: communist party leader for independence movement Yeltsin would not agree to a new union treaty with Soviets unless Ukraine Dec. 1: 90% of Ukrainians vote for independence: Kravchuk elected president Dec. 3: Helmut Kohl (established a united Germany) asks Gorbachev about vote increasingly, Russian Federation is taking responsibility of Soviet Union Yeltsin gave Gorbachev money to pay Soviet civil servants
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Unformatted text preview: Dec. 7: Yeltsin mentioned a trip to Minsk, Belarus to meet with Shuskevich to begin negotiations with Ukraine & Belarus discussions of a Union of Slavic Republics: Gorbachev upset Dec. 8: Yetlsin, Shuskevich, and Kravchuk made a Commonwealth of Independent States organization to supersede the Soviet Union: cut Gorbachev out Ukraine part of some aspects Dec. 19: 11 other republics have joined (Baltic states & Georgia left out) Dec. 25: Gorbachev resigns as president of the Soviet Union claims that support of Commonwealth is important: interstate entity transfers his responsibilities to Yeltsin Gorbachev didnt understand how badly the coup had damaged him 15 new countries emerge 4 nuclear powers : Russia, Ukraine, Belarus & Kazakhstan all atomic weapons transferred to Russia over a few years Russia took on all of Soviet Unions debts...
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April 26, 2010 Lecture - Dec. 7: Yeltsin mentioned a trip...

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