Redacted - NAME Roshni Sheth FILM Redacted 1 What is the...

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NAME: Roshni Sheth FILM: Redacted 1. What is the goal of the film? What do you believe are the director’s motives and what is the message he/she is sending? On the surface, the goal of the film is to open the audience’s eyes to the harsh realities of war. However, I think that the film is also trying to show just how evil people can be. This movie is not sending a negative message about soldiers because McCoy’s character tries to do the right thing in the end, even though he was not able to stop the raping of the girl. Rush and Flake seem to have no value for the lives of the Iraqi people from the beginning to the film when the pregnant woman is killed. 2. What ethical argument may refute the message? Why? An ethical argument that may refute the message is that people may interpret the film to portray a negative view of soldiers in general, which is not the case. However, because the end of the film does not show the punishment of the soldiers that raped the Iraqi girl, it may send the message that this crime is going unpunished, meaning that nothing can be done about such atrocities. The military wants to give justice to the Iraqi family, but it also want to protect its image, if possible. This is why the military officials are reluctant about McCoy’s testimony because he did not actually witness the rape with his own eyes. 3. Briefly describe the plot of the film.
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Redacted - NAME Roshni Sheth FILM Redacted 1 What is the...

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