United 93 - NAME Roshni Sheth FILM United 93 1 What is the...

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NAME: Roshni Sheth FILM: United 93 1. What is the goal of the film? What do you believe are the director’s motives and what is the message he/she is sending? The goal of the film is to recreate the hijacking of flight United 93 during the September 11 th attacks. The passengers of United 93 have been portrayed as heroes because United 93 was the only place that did not reach its destination. The director portrays the passengers of United 93 as heroes because they stood up to the hijackers and tried to take control of the plane. The director is also trying to present the strength of America against the terrorists and show that America will prevail over the terrorists. 2. What ethical argument may refute the message? Why? An ethical message that may refute the message of the film is that the actions taken by the passengers were not characteristically American or un-American. The passengers’ decision to try to take over the plane was simply in their human nature as part of an acute stress response. The film generalizes that Americans will be the heroes in the fight against terrorism and allows the audience to forget aid to terrorist given by Americans. 3. Briefly describe the plot of the film.
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United 93 - NAME Roshni Sheth FILM United 93 1 What is the...

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