Wag the Dog - NAME Roshni Sheth FILM Wag the Dog 1 What is...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: Roshni Sheth FILM: Wag the Dog 1. What is the goal of the film? What do you believe are the director’s motives and what is the message he/she is sending? The goal of the film is to show the American people that they cannot trust everything that the government presents them. The director wants to show how easy it is for the government to manipulate the media into displaying the news in ways that favors the government. 2. What ethical argument may refute the message? Why? An ethical argument that refutes the message is that the film is so well made that it seems real. The audience may begin to distrust the government and start to consider any national or international issue that the media presents as a lie, creating distrust between the government and its people. While this is the purpose of the film in a way, some audience members may take the message too far. Another ethical argument is that it is wrong the government to lie to the people and worse that the government lies to cover up the President’s affair, which is not absolutely...
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Wag the Dog - NAME Roshni Sheth FILM Wag the Dog 1 What is...

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