Aldehydes and Ketones - an aldehyde This conclusion was...

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Results and Discussion The Tollen’s test gave a positive result, with the formation of a shiny silver coat in the test tube. The iodoform test gave a negative result because there was no bright yellow precipitate, and the brown color from the iodine solution did not disappear. The melting point of the semicarbazone product was _______________ ºC. The melting point of the 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone product was _______________ ºC. Based on these melting point ranges, the identity of the compound was determined to be _______________. Conclusions Because the Tollen’s test came out positive, it was concluded that the unknown compound was
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Unformatted text preview: an aldehyde. This conclusion was supported by the negative result from the iodoform test, which detects methyl ketones. By determining the melting points of the semicarbazone and 2,4-DNP products with the given melting points, the unknown was verified to be _______________. Any degree of difference between the given melting points and the experimental melting points can be attributed to impurities trapped in the solid. These impurities could have been removed during the filtration process by filtering the solution as slowly as possible and allowing the product to dry completely before taking the melting point....
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