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Procedure Reagent Molecular Weight (g/mol) Melting Point (ºC) Density (g/mL) Amount Used concentrated H 2 SO 4 98.08 1.84 0.8 mL methyl benzoate 136.15 bp 198-199 1.094 0.3 g concentrated HNO 3 63.01 1.42 0.2 mL ice 18.02 0 0.9167 @ 0 ºC ~3 g In a small Erlenmeyer flask, 0.6 mL of cool (0 ºC) H 2 SO 4 and 0.3 grams of methyl benzoate were cooled to 0-10 ºC. A mixture of 0.2 mL HNO 3 and 0.2 mL H 2 SO 4 was made in another. small Erlenmeyer flask and added dropwise to the first flask. During the addition, the first flask was kept at 5-15 ºC in an ice bath and swirled for mixing purposes. The Erlenmeyer flask was
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