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Dentist - rd molars • abscess area of much bacteria...

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decay (caries) gum disease (periodontal disease/periodontitis) filling root canal cap/crown extraction denture braces gum treatment deep cleaning: root cleaning gum surgery bridge partial implant prefix root suffix ortho: strait endo: within perio: around -dont: specialist gingiva: gums apical: apex -itis: inflammation of -ectomy: removal of -otomy: removal of facial: outsides of teeth lingual: tongue sides of teeth mesial: toward the front teeth (in between two teeth) distal: toward the wisdom teeth (in between two teeth)
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occlusal: biting surface on back teeth incisal: biting surface on front teeth baby teeth: deciduous teeth; primary teeth adult teeth: permanent teeth 6 year molars: 1 st molars 12 year molars: 2 nd molar wisdom teeth: 3
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Unformatted text preview: rd molars • abscess: area of much bacteria caused by deep cavity, trauma, etc. gum abscess: cured by cleaning around/antibiotic periapical abscess: cured by root canal • abrasion: people brush their teeth too hard • erosion: acids in mouth will eat away at dentin • fractures: typically have to crown it • TMJ • muscle spasm • dry mouth: more likely to get cavities • hard part of tooth: enamel • soft part of tooth: dentin • thrush: yeast • plaque: mass of bacteria • tartar/calculus: calcified plaque • bite wings: routine • panoramic x-ray • apex: end of the root • apicoectomy • periapical x-ray: around the root • pulpotomy: pulp=inside of the tooth...
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Dentist - rd molars • abscess area of much bacteria...

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