Quiz I - Roshni Sheth QUIZ I I Give a definition of the...

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Roshni Sheth QUIZ I I. Give a definition of the following terms & give an example in both English and Spanish. morpheme : smallest unit of language that holds meaning * unladylike : 3 morphmes un-, lady, -like * gatas : 3 morfemas gat-, -a-, -s syntax : Syntax is the relationship of words in a sentence and how the proper arrangement of words expresses the intended meaning. It refers to the rules of constructing or structuring sentences in any natural language. A natural language refers to any language refers to any mode of communication that has come about as a result of human’s innate capacity for language. This language may be spoken, signed, or written. Some rules of syntax apply to all languages, while others are specific to individual languages or language families. The following examples show two sentences that have different syntax but exhibit the same meaning. *”The young lady is carried by the man.” or “The man carries the young lady.” *”Cuando ella llega, nosotros empezamos comer.” o “Nosotros empezamos comer cuando llega ella.” term bank : gives the definition(s), part(s) of speech, and all possible synonyms for a word in a specific language. Furthermore, in text examples of each synonym are
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Quiz I - Roshni Sheth QUIZ I I Give a definition of the...

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