R2 Hervey et al, Chapter 1 - b Intralingual translation...

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Roshni Sheth R2: Hervey et al, Chapter 1 I. Certain people are naturally more inclined to succeed at translation than others. II. There are two types of decisions that are important to translation. a. Strategic decisions should be made before the translation and deal with the general message of the text. b. Decisions of detail concern specific details of grammar, syntax, etc. III. A minimal text consists of a single word. IV.There is always a source language (SL), target language (TL), source text (ST), and target text (TT). V. During translation, there are two activities: understanding the ST and formulating the TT. a. These activities occur simultaneously. VI.Comprehension and interpretation of texts occur in daily life. a. Comprehension is measured by practical and linguistic response.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Intralingual translation refers to the rephrasing of a text in the same language. c. Inter-semiotic translation is the verbal interpretation of non-verbal messages. d. Expository interpretation involves expounding on the meaning of a text. e. A gist translation simply gives a condensed version of the ST message. f. An exegetic translation explains the ST, making the TT longer than the ST. VII. Rephrasing is the ideal between a gist and exegetic translation. a. It does not allow for a precise reproduction of the meaning of the ST because the two language forms are different. VIII. Translation requires intelligence, mental effort, and linguistic skill. a. The translator must master the TL as well as the SL....
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R2 Hervey et al, Chapter 1 - b Intralingual translation...

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