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R6 Rainoff Article - English/foreign language PhDs a There...

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Roshni Sheth R6: Rainoff Article I. In CA, Spanish-language court translators and interpreters are in great demand and being recruited vigorously. II. Similar problems present themselves in the medical field, where miscommunications have proved harmful to patients, raising ethical questions. a. Language barriers have serious effects on health care, especially for women. b. Minor children and people without formal training are no longer allowed to serve as translators. III. Several other private and public sectors are facing problems because of lack of translators and interpreters. a. It has been suggested that the U.S. follow Europe in developing special translation and interpretation departments. IV.Interpreters make a relatively good living ($60K-90K) compared to
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Unformatted text preview: English/foreign language PhDs. a. There are masters programs, certificate programs, and courses for translation and interpretation. b. The U.S. was the only major industrialized country that does not offer a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpretation until the early 2000s. V. California State University offered the first BA program. a. The program will include courses in technical vocabulary, written and sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, etc. VI.High school students need to be made aware of translation and interpretation as a career option, so that they can begin their training as early as possible....
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R6 Rainoff Article - English/foreign language PhDs a There...

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