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Roshni Sheth R11: Nord, 53-59 I. Conventions are understood non-binding regulations of behavior based on common knowledge and expectations. II. Genre conventions are used in certain types of text that are used repeatedly with the same function in the same situation. a. These play an important role in text production and reception. b. The categories of genres include simple (entire text belongs to same text variety), complex (may contain embedded texts that belong to another text variety), and complementary (based on a primary text).
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Unformatted text preview: c. Genre conventions are culture-specific. III. General style conventions are based on literary traditions as to what is considered good style. a. Particular grammatical functions may be affected by differences in form, frequency, and distribution. IV.There are conventions for nonverbal communication as well. V. Cultures tend to develop translation conventions because translation is a type of communicative behavior. a. These include what translation should be....
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