5PYMIH Novel Notebook - The End Pg 1-18"As far as he could...

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The End: Pg. 1-18 “As far as he could tell, when your time came, it came, and that was that. You might say something smart on your way out, but you might just as easily say something stupid.” Pg. 13 It is Eddie’s 83 rd birthday, and he has worked at Ruby Pier for many years after his service during the war. A boy named Nicky loses his key. During his last hours, he makes a rabbit out of pipe cleaners for a girl and later dies trying to save her life. Today Is Eddie’s Birthday-Birth: Pg. 19 Eddie’s father smokes in a hospital waiting room during Eddie’s birth in the 1920s. The Journey: Pg. 20-22 “The sky was a misty pumpkin shade, then a deep turquoise, then a bright lime.” Pg. 20-21 “He was floating over a vast yellow sea. Now it turned melon. Now it was sapphire…He saw sands of a golden shore.” Pg. 22 Eddie is floating and trying to remember his final moments of life. He finds that all of his pain is gone, and he is calm. Today Is Eddie’s Birthday-5: Pg. 23-25 “She will hold his hand and tell him that God is proud of him for being a good boy on his birthday and that will make the world feel right-side up again.” Pg. 25 Eddie is at Ruby Pier having a picnic, and Mickey Shea, his father’s friend, flips him upside down for “birthday bumps.” The Arrival: Pg. 26-31 “But the running boy is inside every man, no matter how old he gets.” Pg. 29 Eddie awakes and finds that he is in the Ruby Pier of his childhood. He remembers watching the slideshow and feeling sorry for its cast. The First Person Eddie Meets in Heaven: Pg. 32-46 “‘This is the greatest gift God can give you: to understand what happened in your life…It is the peace you have been searching for.’” Eddie meets the blue man, who tells him about the steps of heaven. The blue man tells Eddie that he will meet five people, all of whom have a lesson for him. Also, Eddie killed the blue man. Today Is Eddie’s Birthday-7: Pg. 37-38 Eddie gets a baseball for his birthday and is playing with his brother at Ruby Pier. The ball rolls behind the sideshow tent, and Eddie goes to get it. The hairy man scares Joe. The blue man describes his life as a disappointment to his father. He overdosed on medicine for his nerves and turned blue, which lead to him joining the sideshow. His death was caused by Eddie running into the street after a ball, which startled his heart.
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Today Is Eddie’s Birthday-8: Pg 45-46 Eddie has to go to the blue man’s funeral on his birthday but does not want to go. He is surprised that the people who work at the pier are dressed normally. The First Lesson: Pg. 47-51 “That there are no random acts. That we are all connected. That you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind. ” Pg. 48 “’It is because the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. That death doesn’t just take someone, it misses someone else, and in the small distance between and being missed, lives are
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5PYMIH Novel Notebook - The End Pg 1-18"As far as he could...

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