Genetics exam 2 notes - Exam 2 DNA and RNA structure Any...

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Exam 2 DNA and RNA structure Any genetic material must replicate mutate store and express information Identifying the genetic material the nucleus of a cell contains many substance proteins nucleic acids DNA and RNA before 1944 it was not know which of these was the genetic material Many researchers thought the genetive material had to be protein because DNA was too simple proteins - 20 building blocks (Amino acids) DNA - 4 building block (nucleotides) Storing information the ability to stor information is not determined by the number of different ‘letters’ in the ‘alphabet’ as the number of letters decreases the ‘words’ can get longer the minimum number of letters needed to encode information is 2 (binary)(com- puters work in binary) Bacterial Transformation 1928 - Fredrick Griffith found that dead virulent cells cause living avirulent cells to turn into living virulent cells through a process called transformation. 1944 - Avery et al. added only one part of the virulent cell into the a virulent cells and forund that DNA was the transforming agent 1952 - hershey and chase tagged phage DNA with radioactive phosphorus(it isnt in any of the 20 amino acids) then let the phages infect E. coli. the E. coli were found to have the phage’s DNA in them. Overall conclusion The genetic materials of living organisms is DNA DNA is passed from generation to generation minor exception some viruses use RNA as their genetic material Retroviruses HIV/AIDS
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DNA Structure DNA (deoxyribose Nucleic acid) is a long chain of molecules composed of repeated
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Genetics exam 2 notes - Exam 2 DNA and RNA structure Any...

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