Western Civ 1 Exam2 - Islam Muslim Muhammad Mecca Median...

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Western Civ 1 Exam #2 Study Guide This study guide is not all inclusive but rather a suggested list of terms that you should know that will assist you in preparation for your exam. 70 A.D. Destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem Jesus of Nazareth Peter Petrine Doctrine Paul Structure of the early Christian Church 7 Sacraments Arianism Gnosticism Council of Nicea, 325 Apostles Creed Constantine Diocletian Nero Claudius Agrippina Octavian (Caesar Augustus) Marc Antony Cleopatra First Triumvirate Second Triumvirate Gracchi Brothers Julius C Caesar Consul Struggle of the Orders Twelve tables Tribal Assembly Roman Republic free farmer base Latifundia Equites Populares Patricians Optimates Plebeians Cincinnatus
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Pax Roma Video on the early Church First Princips Imperator White Martyrdom St Antony Why Christianity was popular
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Unformatted text preview: Islam Muslim Muhammad Mecca Median Hegira Year 622 5 pillars of Islam Qur’an Sheik Nomad Yemen / Sheba Kaaba Black Stone Epicureanism Stoicism Reasons why Roman Empire Fell Punic Wars and the Aftermath of Slavery in the Roman Empire Spartacus Scipio Africanus Constantinople Justinian the Great Theodora Nika Riots Hippodrome Circus Maximus Pantheon Justinian’s Code, 3 portions of Byzantine Empire Alexander the Great Phillip II of Macedonia Hannibal Why Islam spread quickly Areas of Muslim conquest Charles “The Hammer” Martel Battle of Tours (Poitiers) 1453 Similarities and differences among Judaism, Christianity and Islam Caliph Abbasid Dynasty Livy Tacitus Cicero Battle of Actium March 15, 44 b.c....
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Western Civ 1 Exam2 - Islam Muslim Muhammad Mecca Median...

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