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Spring 11 POS 2112 Chapter 1 Notes-1

Spring 11 POS 2112 Chapter 1 Notes-1 - 4-11 million illegal...

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POS 2112 American State and Local Government Chapter One Notes How would you describe your state politically? Conservative Liberal or Moderate Brief Background on the United States First State to ban Affirmative Action-California Proposition 209. California California- Largest State in the Nation Texas-2 nd Largest New York-3 rd Largest Florida-4 th Largest The most liberal states in the United States are California, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Oregon. Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Wyoming, and South Dakotas and North Dakota are among the most conservative. 37 Million Blacks comprise 13 percent of the total population. The migration of blacks from the rural South to the urban North was one of the largest internal migrations in our history. Today 55% of the nation’s black population lives in the South. The largest number of black elected officials are found in the southern states. In 2000, Hispanics became the nation’s largest minority. (12.5 million)
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Unformatted text preview: 4-11 million illegal immigrants live in the United States. The Asian population of the nation is 5 percent. (14 million) The Native American population is 1 percent. (2.5 million) The District of Columbia-Washington DC-Washington DC is heavily Democratic, liberal and black. The district contains 607,000 residents. Washington DC has full representation in presidential election; it also has it own elected mayor and city council. However, they are not represented by voting members in the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives. Politics- the management of conflict State and Local government provides public services such as education, highways, police and fire protection, sewage disposal and garbage collection. Government must deal with racial tensions, school disputes, growth problems, economic stagnation, poverty, drugs, crime and violence. State Politics-understanding the whos, whats, whens, wheres, hows, and whys, of state and local politics. 2...
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Spring 11 POS 2112 Chapter 1 Notes-1 - 4-11 million illegal...

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