Spring 11 Pos 2112 Chapter 5 Notes(1)

Spring 11 Pos 2112 Chapter 5 Notes(1) - Pos 2112 American...

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Pos 2112 American State and Local Government Chapter 5: Parties and Campaigns in the States Notes Political Party- an organization that seeks to achieve power by winning public office in elections. The Responsible Party Model 1) Develop and clarify alternative policy positions for the voters 2) Educate the people about the issues and simplify choices for them 3) Recruit candidates for public office who agree with the parties’ policy positions 4) Organize and direct candidates’ campaigns to win office 5) Hold their elected officials responsible for enacting the parties’ policy positions after they were elected and 6) Organize legislatures to ensure party control of policy making. The Rise of Candidate- Centered Elections 1) The rise of primary elections. Party nominations for a candidate are won in primary elections. 2) The decline of party identification. Democratic and Republican party loyalties have been declining over the years. Most people remain registered as Democrats or Republicans in order to vote in party primary elections, but an increasing number of people identify themselves as “independent”. 3) More focus on the candidate, less on his or her party affiliation. Candidates raise their own campaign funds, create their own personal organizations, and hire consultants to produce their own ads. 4) The influence of the mass media, particularly television. 5) The decline of patronage. Party professionals-who wok in political campaigns to secure jobs and favors for themselves and their friends-are now being replaces by political amateurs-who work in political campaigns for the emotional satisfaction of supporting a cause.
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Spring 11 Pos 2112 Chapter 5 Notes(1) - Pos 2112 American...

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