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AM Paper 2 - "If everybody was satisfied with himself...

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“If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes.” This quote by Mark Twain explicitly describes the impetus in every culture hero’s path toward realization and achievement. A culture hero is a trickster figure who is legendary among his or her society, usually because of a discovery and/or a change. Additional characteristics that a hero learns to practice are leadership, intelligence, and making acceptable choices. These common themes are employed in the hero-figures Prometheus in the western myth, Mwindo in the non-western myth, and the unnoticed Severus Snape in the contemporary story of Harry Potter. These three diverse mythologies are in actuality comparable by means of the personal characteristics they display, their relationship in society, their cunning actions and their development. Ancient Greek mythology features the culture hero Prometheus and his disputes with Zeus. Prometheus is the Titan whose name means “forethought”. He is considerate, altruistic, proactive and has a strong sense of justice; these values are shown in his strong relationship with humans, his immediate plans to aid them and how he supports their future and well-being. He is a brave, natural leader and willing to endanger himself under the wrath of Zeus with his cleverness. His opponent is Zeus, the god of sky and thunder as well as the King of the Olympian gods. Zeus is egotistical; he only thinks about his superiority and rule over the humans instead of their livelihood, unlike Prometheus. He also displays his warlike, and vengeful characteristics throughout his actions. In revenge, he shows cruelty and harshness in his creation of Pandora, who tempts mankind and from her pithos, releases all evils into the world thus delivering destruction. Zeus chains Prometheus to a rock where an eagle eats his liver daily; this is also in revenge for Prometheus’ attempt to delude Zeus. In the human society, Prometheus is well- known because of mutual respect. He becomes their creator, guardian, provider and good friend.
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Prometheus brings civilization to mankind, therefore helping them advance with enlightenment, wisdom, fire and other methods of support. In the trick at Mecone, Prometheus deceives Zeus only to give the better parts of meat to mortals and later takes fire from Zeus to give to the humans. Ancient African mythology passes on the legacy of the culture-hero Mwindo from the Nyanga
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AM Paper 2 - "If everybody was satisfied with himself...

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