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MPM Journal 2 - Storhoff Modern Popular Music 9/16/09...

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Storhoff Modern Popular Music 9/16/09 Journal 2: The Birth of Rock and Roll Part 1: Bing Crosby & Al Jolson - "Alexander's Ragtime Band” Composed by Irving Berlin in 1911 (Tin Pan Alley): Although Scott Joplin claimed that Berlin stole one of his melodies, this song was made by Berlin (written by a hired musical secretary) during the ragtime genre and Tin Pan Alley phase in NYC, and through mass sheet music became an American popular song. It was recorded (originally on phonograph) by Vintage Jazz in 1990 by Bing Crosby and Al Jolson, both male famous pop/ragtime entertainers who sang with a crooning style. It begins with an 8 bar intro by the band (around 2 trumpets, saxes, clarinets and trombones, snare drum); then the singers enter with band playing softly in the background, form is AABA. Big Joe Turner - "Shake Rattle and Roll" (1954)R&B: This was written in by Jesse Stone (Charles E. Calhoun) and originally recorded by Turner with Atlantic Records; this was Turner’s biggest hit and a transition song into rock and roll. The song has a typical 12 bar blues form with instrumental improvisation and suggestive lyrics (lyrics were changed by Bill Haley for the white market); Turner was a male blues shouter. The Chords - "Sh-Boom" (1954)R&B, Doo-wop: The Chords was a swinging R&B all-male a cappella group involving Carl and Claude Feaster, Jimmy Keyes, Floyd "Buddy" McRae, and Ricky Edwards who were found singing in subway stations and signed with Atlantic Records
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MPM Journal 2 - Storhoff Modern Popular Music 9/16/09...

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