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MPM Journal 7 - Modern Pop Music 12/4 JOURNAL 7: HIP-HOP...

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Modern Pop Music 12/4 J O U R N A L 7 : H I P - H O P Part One: Public Enemy - "Fight the Power" (1989): hip-hop group from New York- famous for lyrics that deal with political issues, the media and African Americans- signed with Def-Jam in 1987- name also represents how they feel toward society- their music and social commentaries influenced many other groups (Run DMC)- first group to have albums only on MP3 and to go international, which changed music distribution online- influenced rap metal style with their loud guitars, humor and lyrics that promote black power; from the commercially successful album Fear of a Black Planet - entire image based on a political, black militant stance-songs talked about black nationalism, racial discrimination and relationships between blacks and whites and police- on the label Tamia and recorded on vinyl record and 12inch- producer was the Bomb Squad- used in the movie Do the Right Thing which the violence that was going on- this song features political themes that created much controversy- one of the most acclaimed hip-hop songs- criticizes Elvis Presley and John Wayne and their figures as standard American icons and talks about freedom of speech- begins with speech, soon joined by bass and drums, male rappers that clearly articulate the lyrics to convey their message- background looping and various sound effects- form in simple and improvisatory. I am not too fond of this sound because I think it is too repetitive and lacks a climax so I lose my interest; however, I think the lyrics are quite expressive, informing and influential in anyone’s knowledge of black and white relationships. Sugarhill Gang - "Rapper's Delight" (1979) : hip-hop and funk group from New Jersey- made up of vocalists Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank and Master Glee and other musicians (rhythm and piano)- became popular with this song as their biggest hit- they were the first rap group that played on the American Bandstand- producer was Sylvia Robinsion- found in hip-hop’s natural setting of block parties; 1980 multi-platinum seller- from the album Sugarhill Gang- known as the first hip hop song to be released and to be gold- intricate lyrics are meant to be sexual , funny (“super sperm”) or insulting- some make fun of the upper class and the idea of the good life-recorded in Sugar Hill Studios on a 12inch- it went through a lot of controversy among many artists- part of “Good Times” was used in a 16-bar loop- a verse was taken form lyrics by Grandmaster Caz with recognition only in the lyrics
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MPM Journal 7 - Modern Pop Music 12/4 JOURNAL 7: HIP-HOP...

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