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Modern Popular Music 12/07/09 M I X C D ~ Smiling: Moments to Milestones “Direction is more important than speed. We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we forget the milestone.” This is an anonymous quote that accurately depicts my life. Ever since I was younger, I have constantly been engaged in sundry activities such as piano, soccer, photography, martial arts, voice, saxophone, and school that have helped shape who I am. Never- theless, as I reminisce on my swamped schedule and the person that I have become, I feel that I cannot fully understand myself until I have recognized some significant events in my life. That being said, the title of my mixed CD is Smiling: Moments to Milestones. Each track represents a highlight in my life that has enticed my richest emotions and made me smile; experiences that, through music, I will remember forever. 1) The opening track is “American Pie” by Don McLean from the album American Pie as well as the Best Of The Best: Vol. 2-70's Pop & Rock. McClean was a singer and also played guitar, banjo and piano. Originally recorded on vinyl record and produced by Ed Freeman, "American Pie" was written in 1971 and became McClean’s most famous song. It was strongly influence by The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album. A folk-rock song, it is actually a nostalgia for early rock, as most 1970‘s songs were. It is full of rock, folk and blues influences. During the time, there was much political unrest and a search for the individual. The indirect lyrics inspire interpretation and include many references to other musicians describing the importance of America’s musical and cultural background. The lyrics are said to be somewhat autobiographical. about Buddy Holly’s death by plane crash in 1959. It also talks about the 1960s decade that America under- went intense change and was confronted with various movements; each verse outlines a time period. There are five sections that make up “American Pie”; the first depicts the early 1970s, the second goes back to the 1950s (happy outlook and upbeat tempo) , three portrays the issues in the 1960s (time of death and music becomes more sad), four is the climax of the song and the fifth section is the song’s conclusion. It begins with a male vocalist accompanied by piano and continues for several verses; guitar joins at the chorus and the drum at the start of the next voice. This has been my favorite song since I was a kid- every long car trip we took, this song would find its way onto our radio. The rhythm is catchy and the melody emotional and captivating, but now I can fully enjoy the meaning. The message of the song really reminds me how much I ap- preciate music and the history of change in America and how it has influence our lives and mu- sic. 2)
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MPM Mix CD - Modern Popular Music 12/07/09 M I X C D ~...

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