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Presentation response Essay

Presentation response Essay - Adderley Festival Lecture...

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Adderley Festival Lecture 10/08/09 8pm-10:30pm Florida State University School of Music Presentation Response Essay 2) Cannonball and Nat Adderley were two brothers who became well-known jazz musicians in their time and whose unique styles of playing are still influential today. Since a large part of their jazz education and career took place in Tallahassee, Florida, the FSU Jazz Program honors them with the Adderley Festival. As the jazz saxophone professor, Bill Kennedy gave a lecture concerning the history of the jazz brothers and their significance to jazz. He did this by sharing his experiences of meeting the Adderley brothers, giving details on their performances and show- ing live footage of them playing. We learned how the Adderley brothers flourished and how they have been a contribution to the evolution of jazz and the jazz society. 3) Cannonball Adderley’s real name was Julian Edwin Adderley, but he was nicknamed
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